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The Skirmish at Alligator Creek Bridge was an American Revolutionary War battle in North East Florida on June 30, 1776.

Alligator Creek Bridge is located on US Hwy 1 North, just northwest of the intersection with US Hwy 301, in the town of Callahan Florida.Ceder River Callahan

The gray historical marker is on the right side of the road, in the Cedar River Seafood parking lot.

You can’t miss the sign at the end of the parking lot near the bridge.  The weathered historical marker, (*), is old and cracked but is readable.

(The sound quality is poor folks, sorry!  I will  replace this video when I get back there.)

Skirmish at Alligator Creek Bridge

A large concrete bridge goes over Alligator Creek today, but it was just an old wooden structure back then.  And protected by the British Regulars.

They were not fighting over the bridge, but over control of North Florida.  St Augustine being only 62 miles southeast would have been a great feather in the Colonial Army’s cap if the city was in their hands.  The victory though, went to the British that day.

I included information on this battle because:

  • 1 I live in North Florida and didn’t realize that the American Revolution extended down this far south.
  • 2 Because three of the Signers of the Declaration of Independence, from the South Carolina delegation were imprisoned in St Augustine, which will be another story for another time.

Callahan, FL

Callahan FL is a quaint little farming town with a sprinkling of tasty “local-frequented” comfort food restaurants.  (and I mean great southern “comfort Food”).  Don’t forget to try the chicken pieces or gizzards at Callahan BBQ, or the hush puppies and fried fish at Juniors Seafood.  They will definitely curl your toes.

Of course, these restaurants were not there during the summer of 1776.  But they are there today for the adventuresome traveler.

Links to Information on Alligator Creek Bridge battle

Below you will find links that will give you different perspectives from this skirmish, and statistics related to this battle.  If you ever get the chance, stop by and visit the Historical Marker.  Your kids will love it!


  • Revolutionary War in Florida

*This historical marker was installed there in 1936 by the Jacksonville Chapter, Florida Society of the Son of the American Revolution.

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