Final Resting Place Richard Hutson

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Richard Hutson Signer of the Articles of Confederation

We visited the final resting place of Richard Hutson who was a

Signer of the Articles of Confederation from the great State of South Carolina.

Signer Hutson was born in South Carolina 1747 (ish) and died April 12, 1793 (ish), in Philadelphia, PA.  He is interred at the Independent Congregational (Circular) Church in Charleston South Carolina

(After researching this I came to the conclusion that none remain that know his actual birth and death dates.  They can span anywhere from June 12, 1747 – April 12, 1795)

Brief Bio of Richard Hutson

Not much is written about Mr. Hutson but a few highlights are below.

  • Signer of the Articles of Confederation
  • Son to Reverend William Hutson and Mary Woodward Hutson, he had one younger sibling, Thomas Hutson
  • Graduated in 1765 from Princeton University, (Formerly called College of New Jersey)
  • He was a Lawyer, Judge, and Politician
  • Served in a militia
  • Continental Congress – 1774 – 1776 & 1778 – 1779
  • He was imprisoned in St Augustine Florida for about one year, under Sir Henry Clinton for aiding the rebellion, after the battle and fall of Charleston.  Richard was an accomplished linguist and master of many languages, it is said that during his time in St Augustine, he learned Spanish.)
  • By the time the war was over he had lost the greater part of his fortunes.
  • Held many different political positions in the State of South Carolina, and the city of Charleston.
  • He was part of the Delegates of South Carolina that help ratify the US Constitution in 1788
  • Part of the Founding Body of the College of Charleston
  • Was not married
  • Richard died on April 12, 1793, in Philadelphia, PA and was buried in Charleston, South Carolina.

I personally want to thank Richard Huston for his commitment and the part he played in the founding of this nation.


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