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Final Resting Place Richard Hutson

Final Resting Place Richard Hutson

Richard Hutson Signer of the Articles of Confederation

We visited the final resting place of Richard Hutson who was a

Signer of the Articles of Confederation from the great State of South Carolina.

Signer Hutson was born in South Carolina 1747 (ish) and died April 12, 1793 (ish), in Philadelphia, PA.  He is interred at the Independent Congregational (Circular) Church in Charleston South Carolina

(After researching this I came to the conclusion that none remain that know his actual birth and death dates.  They can span anywhere from June 12, 1747 – April 12, 1795) Continue Reading →

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John Williams, Williams Family Cemetery, NC | Cause for Preservation

Williams Family Cemetary

We paid our respects to one of the signers of the Articles of Confederation, John Williams at the Williams Family Cemetery in North Carolina.  Historically known as Montpelier Plantation Cemetery.

John Williams was a delegate to the continental congress after the signing of the Declaration of Independence.  He hailed from the state of North Carolina.

Toppled Grave Stones Markers

Time and vandals have taken their toll on this cemetery

Searching for John Williams in the Williams Family Cemetery

As I scanned the toppled and leaning headstones, inside of the fallen, wrought iron fence, I couldn’t help but think, ” is this how we should honor our founding fathers?  

Is this how we show our respect and appreciation for those who did so much for our cause of liberty?  I would hope not!

NOTE: I was never able to find Mr. Williams actual headstone.  I’m assuming it is one of the crumbled or toppled stones that I viewed.

I would love to go back these signers resting places with the proper tools and permissions.  To implement repairs, maintain and to preserve this site for posterity sake.

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Finding John Penn’s Original Burial Site | Signer of the Declaration of Independence

John Penn's Original Burial Site
John Penn Original Burial Site modern art

This modern art creation nailed to a tree in the dirt cul-de-sac near John Penn’s Original Burial Site.

Finding John Penn’s original burial site was quite a challenge!  He was a Signer of the Declaration of Independence, and the Articles of Confederation from North Carolina.

We searched for and found Signer, John Penn’s Memorial, his original burial site in the backwoods of North Carolina.

His original burial site is more than one hour from any large city and fifteen minutes from any town.

Finding John Penn’s Original  Burial Site

Using SIRI and GPS coordinates, you drive down a country road just northwest of Henderson, North Carolina.

Make a turn down a country road, then turn onto a blacktop drive “John Penn Road”, until you pass a church…take the gravel / red clay road beyond the church until you get to the end, turn left.

See 30-second video of dirt road leading to the burial site. Continue Reading →

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Edward Telfair Articles of Confederation

List of Colonials at Bonaventure Cemetery, Savannah, Ga

Colonials at Bonaventure

Edward Telfair was a Georgia Delegate to the Continental Congress and signer of the Articles of Confederation.

Edward Telfair (1735-1807)

I was surprised to see that the only history mentioned about Edward was his role as Governor of Georgia, and a brief mention of his jaunts as one of the “Liberty Boys,” (Sons of Liberty), 1774.

There is nary a mention that he served multiple times as the Georgia Delegate to the US Constitutional Conventions, one of those times he signed the Articles of Confederation, the interim government between the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution.

Here is a brief video of our visit to the burial site of Edward Telfair, (and family).

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